The Thread of Existence Is Born of Grace

February 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Thread of Existence is born of grace

Sometimes the disruption in our lives can ignite creativity.

Sometimes that disruption itself becomes the catalyst for a greater awareness of an indwelling knowledge that allows us to speak down into the abyss and say “all is right with God, but not all is right with us. I hang on because God hangs on to me”.

This thread of existence is born of grace.

This lifeline extends beyond our lifetime, to an eternity already witnessed by millions and blessed by the physical presence of the Christ.


Right now.

Right here.

His Spirit dwells. This giver of life heals, frees, and helps us recall law in the light of grace.

No pleasing words, no acts of goodness, just grace. Unfettered, generously splashed out for us, so that the God who reigns could be with us as much as he justly rules over us.

His unlimited hunger for our success is beyond our limited grasp. Even though it may seem to be within our grasp, all attempts to grasp it fall short.

All appearances of achievement are false.

We cannot grasp hold of that which already has grasped hold of us. Though we try, all attempts to witness it mean we overlook it. All we can do is turn in faith, gratitude and prayer; thanking the one who chooses to exalt that which is fallen to an undeserving place.

From this time of grace we are called to respond.

From this time of grace we are taught to respond.

From this time of grace we who were once lost are found.

In this act of being found we encounter disruption[i], our sin is brought low, our broken heart is raised and our minds renewed.

‘Think on eternity,
and do not mock the time of grace,
for judgement is not far off’[ii].

[i] Karl Barth
[ii] Blumhardt, J.C. (1805-1880), & Zuendel, F. 2011, ‘According to oral tradition, these words were mysteriously painted on shutters of  a young woman’s house, in Germany, during her fight with demonic powers, 1841-1843.The Awakening: One man’s battle with Darkness p.4

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