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as-things-stand-2If you’re a frequent visitor to my small corner of the internet world, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot more poetry this year.

There’s a big reason for this. I’m aiming at putting together a book of theologically inspired poetry. The plan is to create a 200-250 page text that also shows some of my own hand drawn art, in my own style.

Although most will be included, not every poem I’ve published on my blog will be added. I’m looking critically at my own work and including only those that fit exactly what I’m looking for.

I’m not sure how this book will look in the end, or if it will be professional enough to be noticed. I don’t even know whether it will sell or if there is even a market for it. So, all in all, it’s a step of faith.  One thing I am very conscious of avoiding is a kitsch and cheesy publication.  My hope is that it will be intelligent, confrontational, vulnerable, hopeful, and interesting.

My philosophical approach will be as it is with my approach to this blog and social media; an attempt to contribute material that not only stands with or pushes against, the countless number of theology blogs, but stands out, in a positive way, from them.

Therefore, I’m envisaging something that has a unique voice and character to it; has a consistent, edgy, Christian theological theme that will be worthy of the reader who reads it and perhaps walks away having encountered Jesus Christ somewhere through it.

Of the list of options I could have chosen for my first serious publication, I believe that this is the right path forward. It will function as my somewhat simple and unique entry into a market already flooded with theological commentary and theological journalism.

Of course, whether I can pull this all together or not, all depends on timing. My first ministry is to my family and consequently, the book will come second to my own study and homeschooling dad role.

Like Karl Barth and his first publication, Epistle to the Romans, I’d like to view the final product, similar to this blog as being a letter to friend, to family; a point of contact with the Christian diaspora in modern Babylon; a gathering point “for comrades; for fellow men and Christians, who possibly out of the same confusion [pain; circumstances; brokenness] I found myself in, were also able to reach out for the Bible; and with them in an invisible community, read this old text.”

Your prayers would be appreciated.


This blog was recently spammed by a person who claimed to be from Melbourne.

I have never received any communication from this person outside the comments and multiple links said person consistently posted in direct, and what can only be considered hostile opposition to what I had written.

My blog is not just an academic exercise, it will consist of various genres that reflect areas I have an interest in and think worth sharing with people who share those interests.

For the most part what I post here is drafted, well-considered and edited, with the opposing positions in mind. I seem to have been targeted by someone who had no intention of reasoned discussion, even though I put a lot of work into sourcing my material and acknowledging an antithesis when it is appropriate to do so.

They appear to have wanted to ‘grief’ my readers and me. Such are the times we live in. I accept that, but I don’t have to put up with it.

As a consequence, I will delete any and all comments that fall outside what is to be fairly considered a dignified critique. I do not & will not delete fair critique of what I write. After all, being teachable is an important part of Christian living and the academic journey.

I have a deep appreciation for those who choose to comment respectfully, and who provide some life to this blog, in response to what I post on it. Please continue to do so, I value your thoughts and thank you for sharing them responsibly.



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Kind of taking a diversion from advent reflections and popping this post in as a “heads-up”.

I am interested in the position of theology as a critique of ideology. Theology maintains that ideology serves rather than is served by humanity. I.e.: ideology makes a terrible master and theology keeps it in it’s place – or is supposed to when not being surrendered to ideology. It is not a perfect fit, but this forthcoming movie seems to feed into that area of interest.

From the trailer, the film version of the {Monuments Men} story looks like a good mix of action, comedy, and history. I presume that Bill Murray and John Goodman add some depth and comedic experience. Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Notting Hill) and Cate Blanchet (LOTR, Elizabeth,The Aviator) bring in a classy sense of British/Australian sophistication. Clooney and Damon no doubt bring the action. Making this film, by all appearances, something to look out for and forward to.

The film is set for release in February 2014.

For me, the stand out line from the trailer was:

“If you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements”


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