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The wheat and tares


The winding, twisted arguments and their hypocritical stares


.  The grinding edge of the apocalypse;

.  Godspeed the Prince of Peace and an end to greedy politics!


The revolutionary, veiled promises and their violence that haunts darkened thrones


. The path of injustice as it drives its warlike wedge toward our homes


.  The tyrants, who’ve enslaved people to their ideas


. their sycophants and their flood of empty tears.


. the superior denier and self-righteous believer,

.      who fails to see no grace for either


. “parent one” and “parent two” which replace gender specific roles;

.       those who’d kill mother and father,

.       and rob little children,

.       to placate selfish “trolls”.


. the revanchist;

.           controversialist,

.            who fixes an argument so it’s won;

.            where 4 + 4 equals 5, and its forbidden to correct the sum.


. vanity metrics and its socio-political funds,

.      where a hashtag can destroy an honest man

.      and any good work that he has done.


.     the auctioneers and their ideological lunge

.      who play the people’s court,

.      to shoot to kill with a social media gun.


. the willing beggar who swallows this garbage hole.

. Who then thinks, is, speaks, and blindly does, whatever the bloody-hell they’re told.


But, hail to the resistance and its gladdening light

Hail to those who’ve not surrendered to the storm, or to its encroaching night.

Hail to the King of Kings,

. The time tense dialectical, piercing presence of the Christ.


 Artwork credit: John Martin, ‘The Last Man’, 1849

19th-december-2016-023Here’s how a committee meeting between Herod and his advisers might sound, if such a meeting were to take place in a Western context today.

This baby in a manger is a threat to us. By his very existence in this world, all the power structures that surround him stand unprotected. He is a threat to our safe spaces.

This whole nativity; the event of the Christ-child being born is a conservative conspiracy. It is violence against everything we stand for, which is justification enough for violent suppression. It stands as an outright repressive assault on everything we’ve built.

This is blasphemy. We’ve heard of the academics that cheated you. Wise cracks who refused to give up his location.

It’s their kind that hinders us from completely implementing our social programs. The structures we seek to replace with our own. The ones we want to tear down, the ones we’ve told everyone is “for the good of the people”, our erosion of those structures. All if it will all be brought into question.

Our collective’s survival rests in our ideas dominating these higher learning stations. Those who still have sway with the young, and yet betray us must be purged.

We must rally people to take up arms against this heteronormative oppression. The masculine he, the male Christ-child, the nativity scene itself, is an idea, constructed to further the chains of bigoted societal norms.

At its heart is a war against phobic misrepresentations empowering archaic social constructs, designed to unhinge us from progress. For the betterment of humanity; for our evolution, we must have control and influence of hearts and minds, which as we’ve agreed, has to happen first with our educational institutions.

That is why this strange birth; these chosen people; these breeders, are an assault on our humanity.

How dare this young woman choose to keep her unexpected pregnancy?  In doing so she stands opposed to our ideas of inequality and equality; of justice and injustice.

This must not go unpunished!

Their religious beliefs are phobic, sexist and irrational. So, we the committee applaud your decision.  We’ve even lined up celebrity endorsements to back us on how necessary and just this action is. This woman’s pregnancy and this prophecy is a farce, therefore this child’s life should be deemed not worthy of life.

If only she could’ve seen the freedom we offer her, the same freedom from the fetus we’ve given all women, you wouldn’t have had to act as you have. Mary is to wear the blame for forcing your hand, not you.

Therefore, let nothing sway you. You’re decision to wipe out males up to the age of two, will save us and make certain we have eliminated this threat to peace and our civil order. It is a surgical act of great compassion, liberating your people from imposters. We are the victims here.

Consider also that this woman’s choice disempowers women. If she gets away with it, what does our lack of response say about our pro-abortion policies and how will that negatively impact the millions in funding flowing into our feticide factories?

This nativity and its proclamation before everyday people is a threat to us. It will inspire ignorant non-conformists and counter cultural activists to disobedience.

Make no mistake, this child will work against us. He will stand as a threat to our factories, our causes, and he will take away our ability to convince the people about how necessary it is for them to have us in power.

This must not happen. The raising up of anyone against the glorious progressive collective must be met with ridicule, shaming, or gaol time.

We want our ideas to reign. We want a peaceful society in harmony with a peaceful religion. We want our people to be thankful for the live-life-our-way programs. We have no room for a Prince of peace; no room for a “King of Kings” who commands us to live life His way.

This is what real violence looks like! It is violence towards the collective. Violence against the state!

All who disagree with this are traitors, haters and infidels! Anyone not with us, is against us.

We’re told that the prophecy of Isaiah has been fulfilled, that this child is a saviour.

The quiet proclamation announcing the birth of a Jew; a baby boy from Judea is ethnocentric; it’s offensive to other races. Yes, it propagates the legitimacy of Israel’s existence, but it threatens our power on the world stage.

This manger baby will lead a revolution. This Christ-child is a threat to us all.

Our leaders must not stop showing a unified stand against this blatant display of contempt for us.

Organise the outrage. Send out the murderous minions and shut down all this unlicensed good cheer. The party must not be seen to approve of this unsanctioned movement. Stop the early rumblings of this pathetic prophetic Christ movement.

You must act. Remember all who oppose you are as the tyrants of the past.

Long may our party, its leader and its ideas reign.


This is a hypothetical response created for the purpose of highlighting how some in the West respond to Jesus Christ. How within that response rests a resistance to Him who still confronts us in our own positions of power.

For the recount of an historical response of someone in power to the birth of Jesus Christ, see Matthew 2:16-18

On recognising empirical facts expressed in metaphorical truth C.S Lewis Wrote:

‘I am certain that in passing from the scientific point of view to the theological, I have passed from dream to waking.Christian theology can fit in science, art, morality, and the sub-Christian religions. The scientific point of view cannot fit in any of these things, not even science itself. I believe in Christianity as I believe that the Sun has set or risen,  not only because I see it but because by it I see everything else’ [1]

A minor point hidden within this quote is Lewis’ defence of faith and science against the tyranny of militant ideology.

My own answer to this question is yes and no. The reason being that theology allows for metaphor yet does not blindly follow it. Just as theology allows for empiricism yet does not allow itself to be lead around blindfolded by it. As I currently understand it, metaphorical truth is a useful point of reference; a starting point for expression that can and often does communicate empirical fact relationally.


[1] C.S. Lewis, in Walmsley, L, 2000 Essay Collection, p.21 Harper-Collins (italics mine)

9780306820366I only really took notice of actor, Kevin Sorbo, after watching his work on the Gene Roddenberry series Andromeda. The T.V series ‘Hercules’ barely made it as a blip on my adolescent radar of ”must see” viewing.

Andromeda isn’t too bad of a series. It explored, in great detail,  the consequences of unity, intercultural conflict, ideology and how important it is to allow room for a theological perspective in life.

The very existence of a commonwealth which was destroyed by a society based on Nietzschean (God is dead – will-to-power-Übermensch [superhuman/above human]) ideology, who were also in league with a dark being called ‘the abyss’, is a curious thing for a theologian. For instance: Karl Barth references nothingness (evil) as being like an abyss, and in Evangelical Theology, he infers that the Church is by its very existance a ‘Commonwealth of Christ’.

I think the persistence of the protagonists, allows the drive of the story to enter into places that, for me, showed the positive impacts that faith and reason can have, when correctly viewed as existing side by side and not dichotomously. The enigmatic ‘Divine’, Dylan Hunt [Sorbo] and his team, one of whom is a Nietzchean mercenary, embark on a quest  to re-establish and reunite the peoples commonwealth 300 years later.

The series is full of tension and conflict. The dialogue engages in an array of discourses about origins, natural selection, God and probably most intriguing of all, the power, point and purpose of hope. IMG_20130814_152222This is not to imply that I had no qualms with the series. On the contrary, there are some low points such as semi graphic scenes of the Magog. A race created by ‘the abyss’ to devour worlds by eating all their inhabitants. (hence the M rating, in Australia anyway).

Suffice to say I think, that like Orwell’s 1984, Roddenberry’s narrative has serious areas of relevance that any critical thinker, especially a theologian would benefit from.

Given the characters played by Kevin Sorbo and themes of power and strength therein, it is refreshing to hear the man discuss the truth as he has experienced it. In a recent interview (linked below) Kevin talked a little about his faith and the impetus behind the publication for his book ‘True Strength’ released in 2011. I plan to read it and may post some thoughts on it here if I do.  You can read a little more about this here…

Kevin Sorbo’s book True Strength is available on kindle or at his official site.

For more about Andromeda check out the wiki site.

This is not a paid review. These thoughts are my own.

English: Location of South Avustralia.

English: Location of South Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contemporary Western society both beguiles and reviles its ideological heritage.

This stems from the 19th and 20th centuries and is evident to the plethora of antagonists who aspire to deconstruct, in order to defend this heritage, or completely write it off as part of the inevitable devolution of imperialist Western civilisation.

This is manifested in the ”replace it with something else – bulldoze it”; revolutionary ethos, advocated by a large amount of people who align themselves with ”progressive” socio-political agendas.

Atheist and comedian Pat Condell is right, (even if a bit hypocritical in his defence of the freedom of speech), to point at that the problem is, progressives are now trending towards accepting ideology, without critique.

This necessarily means that ideology will enslave those that it is supposedly serving. For instance: ‘human beings do not have to serve causes, causes have to serve human beings’ (Barth – Against the Steam p.35).

My point is that in reality, ideology rarely delivers the freedom it promises, if at all.

Alister McGrath wrote that ‘the past not only shapes and illuminates the present but anticipates the future’ [1].

No matter how much we try to justify it, when reality bites, history corrects us. History presents those of us who abandon politics for theology, and vice-versa as the fools we truly can be.

This is evidenced in the eerie example of ‘Hitler, who only tolerated those clerics who applauded his will to be the absolute ruler of the state’. (Eberhard Busch ‘Barmen theses’, 2010, p.1)

It is true that ‘grace leads us to rebel against the powers which keep us in servitude’ [2]. In light of this it is certainly difficult to disagree with the caveat against appeasement, penned in 1940 by  C.S Lewis,

 ‘I think the suppression of a higher religion by a lower, or even a higher secular culture by a lower, is a great evil…though the world is slow to forgive, it is quick to forget’ [3].

I come now to the Australian Minister for trade, Craig Emerson, who staged this (see below) last year in order to ridicule Opposition claims that Whyalla, a mining community in South Australia, would be seriously hindered by the implementation of a ‘carbon tax’.

I support responsible management of the environment. I am, however, in complete disagreement with any cheap political gains that feed off what is pushed by a ”mob”.

This is because ‘truthfulness is not determined by customer satisfaction surveys’ [4].


The reality – 2013:
”Whyalla Mayor Jim Pollock said he was shocked by the announcement, which dashed hopes of 1000 new jobs for the industrial city.Whyalla has suffered a series of blows in recent months, with BHP Billiton postponing its huge Olympic Dam expa…nsion and jobs at OneSteel under threat”.[5]
The theology – timeless:
‘It is better for a person to hear the rebuke of the wise  than to hear the song of fools. For as the crackling of thorns under a pot,    so is the laughter of the fools;   this also is vanity’ Solomon, Ecc.7:5-6. (ESV)


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