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Title: My Lord and my God, the resurrected Jesus in lead light.

Process: I used oil pastels and then took a photo. The next step included turning the photo into a black and white pic. using Instagram on my phone. An all original work.

Purpose: This is a semiotic work in progress that fits with my current colourful theological wrestling over the traditional label attributed to Thomas as being ”the doubter”. The inspiration for this comes from the Christian East, particularly Byzantine frescos, related to Greek Orthodox Iconography. The real focus in this picture is on the eyes.


I am also trying to explore the deeper socio-political impact that labels and symbols have on us, both privately and publicly.

My focus here is on how they can be an affront to a theological worldview, and how in return, theology can be a critique of such stereotypical pigeon-holing. The scriptures that relate to this are John 8 and John 20:24-31.


English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...