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April 9, 2014 — 6 Comments

I almost missed posting something about it being one year since I started writing a blog about theology, art, politics, ministry…life. This blog is an extension of my reach to be part of a greater academic conversation about people like Karl Barth, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Political theology, theologically interesting poetry and a range of other areas I consider relevant to Christians in ministry. Whether that ministry is homeschooling, preaching etc.anniversary-1x

In total honesty I battle from time to time with the issue of even keeping this blog. I guess I can put that down to a ton of negative life experiences, issues with anxiety and the ever present struggle to answer lies with truth and allow Jesus Christ’s; i.e.: God’s grace to disrupt and dispel the darkness. Hence the title of this blog: Gratia Veritas Lumen – Grace, gratitude, truth and light.

what I call the ‘noise of social media’ and wonder if I am, hypocritically, contributing to that noise rather than pushing through it to communicate something of value. Don’t get me wrong here, I read a lot of blogs. I like a lot of what I read and also comment when I find something of significant worth that I think can add or hand out some encouragement towards the author.

All that points to this: I’m not going to blow my own trumpet about how many posts have received ‘x’ amount of views, or brag about what has trended the most on other social media sites.

Instead, I’ve chosen to mark the one year anniversary by simply saying thanks to all those encouragers who stopped by to read, comment, and or like what I have posted so far.