Archives For September 16, 2013

GVL has been underway since April. So six months on I have decided to consolidate what I have learnt from participating in the blogosphere. I also want to say that this is not a definitive list and that I appreciate the encouragement/feedback I have had so far. Among others, a BIG shout out also to Sara, Patrick, Walt, and Sis.

Number one: Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint…

Number two: Embedded Youtube videos really jazz up a post, just limit what you use and be careful about copyright by linking content directly connected to it’s author.

Number three: Anonymity has it’s place, but tends to work against vulnerability. Create an internet handle that reflects the theme of your blog.

Number four: Surprise readers. Pace out the Facebook shares and let a couple of posts pass through WordPress reader without promoting them.

Number  five:  Resist measuring the success of your blog or writing ability by the amount of ”likes” you get – ‘Aim to Bless rather than Impress’.

Number six: Pay attention to unwritten blogging conventions and standards. Such as: source material, link to other bloggers in a ”related reading” section below your post if your current idea was prompted by something someone else wrote.

Number seven: In order to remain an interesting and reliable sanctuary in the midst of the clang and clamour of the blogosphere, be consistent but flexible.In other words: be teachable and creative.

Number eight: Resist the temptation to expect comments from readers, even if you ask for them. Lack of response might not be a bad thing. It could be that people are simply just too busy or it might indicate a need to review and repost the article.

Number nine: Stick to a 200-1000 word limit, spacing out sentences when appropriate to do so.

Number ten: like an Artist – ‘find something to wonder at and invite others to wonder about it with you’ (‘fund imagination‘).

…(unofficial: number elevenwhich is up for debate and could end up being in the number ten spot next time around: try to steer clear of clichés like Top Ten lists as fill in posts when you have had a limited amount of time in your day to finish a more in depth post)…

Feel free to comment and let me know if I have overlooked, overstated or perhaps under-stated anything?