Right Healing Requires Right Care

Here is a truth I’ve wrestled with for sometime.

Rarely has it been part of the advice I have received. Usually it is far removed from the ”get over it” – ”move on” – ”it’s probably not as bad as you say”, discounting which arrives the moment you share a concern, or detail a particularly negative life experience that is left unresolved.

healing_signs of life

5 thoughts on “Right Healing Requires Right Care

    1. Rod says:

      Hi Sis. If the truth is spoken in love, as outlined by the Biblical texts – implied and otherwise – and if correction is grounded on mercy, justice and humility, than, yes, I believe there is room for such. Love speaks where loathing chooses to remain silent. It is hard to avoid speculation about the historical context (a cardinal sin for theologians – so I’ll try to avoid it), but what we know about the Ancient Near East onwards is that Women had a major part to play in the private sphere. They we essential to the stability of a family in that they reciprocated relationship in their unique role in the household. Most times this would have indirectly had an influence on society and politics. I think the same could be said about Israel at the time. I believe women and men need to be teachable. Let me know if I’m on the right track in regards to your question.


      1. godanalytics says:

        I beg to disagree, Rod. Christian women should NOT correct Christian men. Ha ha ha.

        That is my attempt at being funny.



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