aRt & tHeOlOgY: Keep On…

I’ve heard a few quality covers of this classic protest song from Neil Young over the years (e.g.: Bon Jovi and Pearl Jam). Outside the original version, not a lot beats the energy Peter Furler and Third Day put into the tune by applying conviction {read: not just using it as a crowd pleasing filler} and their own distinct sound.

2 thoughts on “aRt & tHeOlOgY: Keep On…

  1. Kevin Davis says:

    Very good. I loved Pearl Jam’s version when I was a kid in the 90’s. It wasn’t until later that I learned it was a Neil Young song. I think it is very interesting that a band like Pearl Jam (with Vedder’s pronounced skepticism) and Furler/Third Day can agree about the quality of the song and the potency of its message. The abuse of power is not something about which skeptics and Christians should disagree. Sadly, that is too often the case.

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    1. Rod Lampard says:

      I like P.J, although at that time they were rising in popularity I was even greater Guns n’ Roses fan – a purist hard rock teenager I wrestling with a confused hatred for most things. At that time I was cynical about the ‘grunge’ movement. And yeah.Unfortunately the areas where unity does exist tends to be overlooked from time to time. One of the great things I have encountered with Barth is the breadth and applicability of his Trinitarian ‘unity in distinction’.



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