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A friend recently sent me a link to a Jim Caviezel interview, given in August of 2010 at Rock Church, San Diego.

Throughout it Caviezel discusses his reasons for working on the ‘Passion of the Christ’. He details the before and after experience, making it clear that the work was not easy.

Unfortunately he didn’t discuss his work in ‘Frequency’ (2000), Jim Caviezel_compendium ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ (2002) and ‘I am David’ (2003).

He did, however, make some pointed remarks about freedom, society, faith and politics.

For example:

 ‘We cannot continue as Christians and sit here and say, “well I’ll only be a Christian if it’s about prosperity”…’

‘…Every generation of Americans needs to know, that freedom exists not to do whatever you like, but having the right to what you ought’

{Quotes appear @ 21:50-23:34 in the video linked below}

Three things stand out.

First, Caviezel’s delivery. His tone is for the most part sombre, sometimes urgent, but appeared to be full of conviction. He is keen to proclaim a message.

Second, despite some cheesy remarks from the interviewer, who all-in-all did a great job, Caviezel stays focused on his message. He sticks to clear points of interest that suggest this is not a put on just for entertainment or publicity value.

Third, Caviezel appears to be a man of conviction, speaking about lessons learnt from difficult experiences and introspective reflection.

Despite what you might think about ‘The Passion’ Movie, Mel Gibson or Caviezel, this interview is a rare insight into the journey of an actor who, by taking up the role of Jesus in the movie, gained more than he gave up or had stripped from him.

Caviezel knows the caveats in interviews where testimony plays a major part of the content. His comments make it obvious that he has put lot of consideration into how to communicate his faith in the shadow of masked pleasantry. This is tacitly referenced to in his statement that:

‘…you don’t have go out and do a song and dance for secularists because they won’t believe – they won’t believe anyway. You can pray for them, but understand people are going to choose evil’

{Quote appears @ 22:43 in the video linked below}

I thought the interview was candid and free of theatrics. It reveals a man willing to confess his faith in Jesus Christ, in full awareness of the cost to his own financial security, professional reputation and ambition.

Seeing as how this interview was almost four years old, you may have seen it.

If not, the full 40min is worth making the time to watch it.

(Please note: the linked video contains limited footage of the crucifixion scene in the movie)


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