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Here is a pretty cool primary source provided by via YouTube. This follows on from my post a few days back about the Confessing Church’s “Nein” & Natural Theology.

I may, in future, merge this post with that one.

Worth noting is this statement from Barth:

“[Hilter] understood how to put the German people, and with it also the German church, in a dreamy state. And in this dream, the German people and the German Christians of the Evangelical and the Catholic Church dreamt that something like a new revelation of God has taken place, in what this man thought, said, wanted and did.
And the so-called ‘Confessing Church,’ basically, was about a decisive “no”, to this dream. It was an appeal: ‘Germany, wake up from this dream!”
(Excerpt from the 1967 Documentary film “JA & Nein, Karl Barth zum Gedaechtnis”)

For those interested, also has a ‘Pinterest’ page with images and videos. {link}