Using Creativity In Order To Reduce Textbook Fog

Homeschool SculptureCreativity reduces textbook fog and increases concentration. Encouraging creativity seems to unglue the routine just enough to re-energize the more mundane tasks that follow.

Yesterday, I was shown the importance of this. Of setting aside time for creativity in the midst of the academic timetable.

It was a simple idea, but seems to have been a winner. During craft and music appreciation sessions we crafted a wall sculpture for Lent using recycled cardboard that was moulded into the shape of tissue boxes.The work took us longer than expected, however, given the learning outcomes involved, any concern about time became a non-issue.

The picture to the left is the end result of that session. Each box was individually covered in a mosaic and then joined together with a glue-gun. The top box was designed by our eldest, depicting Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.

I know I’ve quoted it before a few times, but I’m in need of the reminder:

‘to be a teacher is to really be a learner’ (Kierkegaard [i]).

[i] Kiekegaard, S On my work as an author, the point of view in Hong, H. & Hong,E. 1978 The Essential Kierkegaard  Princeton University Press pp.460-461


2 thoughts on “Using Creativity In Order To Reduce Textbook Fog

  1. art & life notes says:

    That is so cool! I love the end result!
    I really like cut/torn paper because it makes for such a strong, bold, and graphic look. Much of art is about the manipulation of material to make a visual statement – it almost doesn’t matter what the material is.
    Thanks for sharing.



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