3 Years On: A Thank You! & Perhaps, a Tentative Farewell?

Thanks Word Art 16th April 2016It’s three years since I started this blogging adventure, or so WordPress has just reminded me. The main aim for this blog was to have it serve as a resource for notes, material and other items related to my field of study and interests. My goal was to have it function as a searchable index for my own academic pursuits and as an index for other students on a similar road.

Since then, it’s morphed into what it now is, a mosaic of Christian theology, politics, poetry, art, homeschool reflections and music.

I had originally anticipated connecting with like-minded and not-so like minded people in the blogging community;networking with those who are networked, reading those who’ve read more, hearing from those who’ve advanced beyond my own academic situation. I won’t say that this hasn’t happened, but it’s interesting to reflect on the interaction on other blogs and wonder where, and what, I might need to improve in order to better achieve my original goal.

Like most anniversaries it’s prompted me to think about whether this studious effort on my part has been worthwhile. I’m left with thinking about how much of this blog actually serves to inform and glorify God, and how much is just mere noise? How much of it is just me giving in to the temptation of competing with far better blogs for an audience. Blogs that are the product of people with more time, more resources, more support and lesser responsibilities.

Blogs are not everything for writers and musicians. Although, I concede that writing and maintaining one helps. Which is why I’ve continued to maintain the high standard I set for myself with this blog’s content and referencing.

So, it’s in the spirit of “review, review, review”, with its questions and doubts, that I leave you with this thank you and a tentative farewell.

For those fellow bloggers who read this blog without expectation of quid pro quo; for those who’ve taken the time to interact, even intermittently, with me over the past three years, and to those who have put up with my own [sometimes essay length] comments on their own blogs, and who have also made the effort to comment and encourage me on a regular basis here, I THANK YOU!

For this guitar playing, part-time student/full-time homeschool dad/theologian, your encouragement is like gold.

All the best.


9 thoughts on “3 Years On: A Thank You! & Perhaps, a Tentative Farewell?

  1. Carl D'Agostino says:

    Best wishes for your future endeavors. Anyone that has followed you and read your participation in the theology(or is that insanity) blog knows you are sincerely blessed in the Holy Spirit. I recently completed hand writing the book of Mathew and have finished up to Chapter 6 in Mark. regards…

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    1. Rod Lampard says:

      My aim is to pray and review my direction and motives.It’s more a thanks & recognition of that, than a farewell. I added the tentative farewell, because it’s an honest word about we’re I’m at with the blog. Really, it’s just a heads up to say to any consistent readers that my content may not be as regular as it has been.

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  2. art & life notes says:

    Rod, I’ve enjoyed your blog for several reasons. I’ve enjoyed comparing your academic perspective to my populist perspective, and your Aussie perspective to my American perspective, and have been pleased at how united in Spirit we seem to be. As an artist I’ve enjoyed seeing your creative endeavors and musical inspirations, and as a dad I’ve enjoyed hearing your thoughts and experiences as a home-schooling dad.

    May God bless your family, and bless you and enlarge your influence in whatever you decide to do!

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    1. Rod Lampard says:

      I value your words here, Scott. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s more about me calling myself back to basics; a public confession that I’m sure I’ve strayed at times from the use of gifts outside what God intended. In a way, it’s me getting back to the heart of why I started writing and sharing in the first place. It’s not easy for me to be vulnerable. Among other important relational things, I was never taught it’s value. Instead I was taught to fear and keep those things as suspect. Although, I was expected to contribute in an honest way. Through this blog I’m learning to overcome that paradox, be responsible with vulnerability and handle my gifts with humility. All the best, my friend.

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  3. thehomeschoolmomblog says:

    “ ‘ “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.”'” (Numbers 6:24-26)

    No matter where the Lord leads, may you be blessed. We look forward to seeing where He leads.

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