Faith’s Old Firebrands



Sweeping dread,

. cornered by mystery;

.   faith framed by sincerity,

.       disrupting shy anxiety.


Rested significance,

.   now rejects compliance;

.       silence was conformity.

Yet that which comes with outspoken dignity,

.   is mistaken as vanity.

The accusers and their five-cents worth of echoes;

.    are like a banished banshee’s last whine;

.    whips lashing out from undisciplined, brainwashed minds.


Still small words of endurance carve

.    paths through both patterns and shards,

.        of self-condemnation, 

.         and its dark past.

Discordant chimes crash on rocks of corroded trust;

.    the final sales pitch of lukewarm sycophants and such.


This new dawn vindicates faith’s old firebrands

Who’s words were too easily written off as,

 .     too hot to touch.



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