Is NATO Really The Problem?

Is NATO really the problem?

a) A good portion of NATO members get their energy from Russia.

b) A good portion of NATO members never supported Ukrainian membership; or encouraged the idea of it.

c) A good portion of NATO are set on creating an EU standing army; effectively making NATO defunct.

d) Ex-Ukrainian President, (now opposition leader) Petro Poroshenko was pushing for NATO membership, to protect his reported assets in Eastern Ukraine – on the backdrop of 8 years of war with Russian backed separatists. He was booted from office the same year he enshrined the NATO lean into their constitution.

e) Minus the Joebama era interference, it makes sense that the Ukrainians would cosy up to the US, knowing that they don’t have the full backing of their neighbours – and that NATO membership was a pipe dream.

f) With one neighbour already operating in militarily within their borders since 2014, Ukrainian engagement with the US makes a lot of sense.

NATO, is, by all accounts, more a theoretical threat to Putin’s reign, than they are a threat to the Russian people. Putin needs a big bad wolf. NATO’s flaws, US mismanagement, and Ukrainian governmental corruption, allow him one.

The stupidity of Putin’s actions in Ukraine, based upon his alleged fears of NATO, only serves to justify NATO’s existence, and the historical reasons for why Eastern Europeans are right to be more concerned about Putin, than they are Putin’s concerns about NATO.

©Rod Lampard, 2022.


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