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Dismantling Babel…

September 5, 2018 — 2 Comments

…in light of the Bible.

Barth Credo God makes his way to us



Image: RL2013; tagged “Stormy Sunset”

Quote: Cited by Sawyer, M. James (Kindle Ed. 2012). Neoorthodoxy: an Introductory Survey

Originally published 14th Nov. 2013

Wisdom by Prose

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I just finished the production on my very first digital ”sermon-aid”. Consequently, I would categorise it as a proto-type. The sermon itself is a proto-kerygma (first-sermon), and not included here. Having never delivered a ”proper” sermon,  the most challenging aspect  for me, was delivering it.

The basic premise is:

Labels hinder our understanding of each other. This is because they bind us to the opinion others have of us. The popular term ”doubting Thomas” is a label which hinders our theological understanding of doubt and Jesus the Christ (John 20). Therefore all labels must be critiqued or rejected. The biblical standard is clear ‘you are more than what has been defined for you by society’ (James Cone, 1975 ‘God of the oppressed’)

Artistic process: Matthias Grünewald’s ‘crucifixion’, a lot of my own digital art and dies irae (day of wrath – Mozart)
Song: Requiem in D Minor, K. 626 (compl. by Franz Xaver Süssmayer): Dies Irae
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Artist:Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor, Sir Georg Solti & Wiener Philharmoniker
Mozart: Requiem

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 What Jesus the Christ gave and what He received in return…

 A visual reflection on a Lenten Lament:


Artistic process:

This bread was made from a RiverCottage recipe by my beautiful daughters. I used instagram, and the standard photo editor that came with windows 7.

It looked so good we decided to use it as a display, in order to photograph it for our Lenten reflection.

‘God is not a perfectionist rather, He is a perfector!’ (Graham Buxton 2001, p.251)


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