Dismantling Babel…

…in light of the Bible.

Barth Credo God makes his way to us



Image: RL2013; tagged “Stormy Sunset”

Quote: Cited by Sawyer, M. James (Kindle Ed. 2012). Neoorthodoxy: an Introductory Survey

Originally published 14th Nov. 2013

2 thoughts on “Dismantling Babel…

  1. Rod Lampard says:

    Hi Carl, Thankyou for commenting. You’re right. There is a huge element of reciprocity between God’s call and our response. The big problem today is most people, as observed in the West, maybe listening, but they are not responding to what they hear. Maybe it is due to our excessive focus on entertainment and entertainers who do almost anything to hold our fickle attention? The invitation for God’s rescue in Christ is a wonderful truth no human can truly escape or masterfully replicate.



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