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A video shared by mRNA inventor, and relentless CCP-19 truther, Dr. Robert Malone, presents a major pushback against the politicisation of medicine, and healthcare, from within the medical professional community.

The original 5-minute video is watermarked with the International Covid Summit logo, and shows the outspoken doctor/scientist presenting a list of statements declaring independence from COVID-era political influences.

The yet to be published, September 12thPhysicians Declaration’ stated,

‘We, the physicians of the world, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognising the profession of medicine as we know it is at a crossroad, are compelled to declare the following.’

What follows is a list of acknowledgements targeting government overreach, and the breach of the Doctor/Patient relationship.

Such as,

‘Whereas, it is our utmost responsibility and duty to uphold and restore dignity, integrity, art and science to medicine;

‘Whereas, there is an unprecedented assault on our ability to care for our patients;’

‘Whereas, public policy has chosen to ignore fundamental concepts of science, health and wellness, instead embracing a “one size fits all” treatment strategy which has led to more illness, and death than the individualised, personalised approach to health care […]’

‘Whereas, physicians are increasingly being discouraged from engaging in open professional discourse and the exchange of ideas […]’

‘Whereas, thousands of physicians are being denied the right to provide treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers […] advising their patients to simply go home and return when their disease worsens.’

‘Whereas, the above is not medicine. It is not care. We cannot sit idly while patients are forced to go home and sicken in place. These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity.’

The declaration then takes the form of a list of resolutions, beginning with,

‘Now therefore, it is, resolved, that that physician-patient relationship must be restored […] that political intrusion into that relationship and the practice of medicine must end […] that physicians must defend their right to prescribe treatment, observing the tenet, “First, do no harm.” […]

The declaration concludes with a resolve to protect the integrity and objectivity of medical science from corruption. Then finishes with invitations to patients, physicians and scientists to join the written protest.

For clarity. Dr. Malone refers to the document as the ‘Physicians Declaration’; an apparent reference to what others are calling the ‘San Juan Declaration.

Malone’s introduction stating that the document was formulated by physicians in Puerto Rico backs this correlation.

Whereas, his Twitter post referred to the document as the ‘Rome Declaration,’ simply because, I assume, it was presented in Rome at the International COVID Summit (Sept.12-14, 2021).

This isn’t to be confused with a declaration signed in Rome earlier this month between G20 health ministers.

G20 Health Ministers gathered in Italy early September to reaffirm a unified response to COVID-19.

In sum, the verbose G20 declaration restates each country’s determination to move from a global “COVID economy” to a global “vaccinated economy.”

The document rehashes the words “safe and effective” ad nauseum, and dedicates long paragraphs discussing buzzwords like “invest”, “coordinate” and “enhance.”

By all appearances, judging on the location, the ‘Physicians Declaration’ is every bit the medical community’s counter-punch to the G20 declaration which appears to share the same “Rome Declaration” name.

Hence the need to clarify which declaration and from whom.

The Physicians Declaration (or San Juan Dec?) isn’t the first move by medical professionals concerned about medical coercion, the hijacking of informed consent, and the irrational political takeover of the physician/patient relationship.

The Great Barrington Declaration, issued in October 2020, is a standing apolitical rejection of government heavy-handedness and government overreach.

Of particular concern is the “one size fits all,” socialist blanket* suffocating people in the name of public health. (*my terminology, not theirs).

The GBD states,

 ‘Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health…’

They add,

‘The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.’ 

With what we know about COVID-19, the GBD declares,

‘Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold.’

The GBD was authored by three Ivy League graduate Doctors, is co-signed by 43 other medical professionals, and has over 860,000 signatures.

The Caldron Pool facilitated Ezekiel Declaration aligns with both the Physician’s Declaration and the much earlier Great Barrington Declaration.

To dismiss one as extremist, is to dismiss all three with the same reactionary brush stroke.

Critics continuing to slander the recent Ezekiel Declaration as “extremist” should take note of how poorly criticisms thrown at the GBD have aged.

Alongside this, note how closely related criticisms of the Great Barrington Declaration are to those used to undermine the E.D.

Most notably is The Conversation’s ‘5 Flaws of the GDB.’

It’s author, Professor Stephen L. Archer, claimed that the GBD was wrong for suggesting that governments would be perpetually locking down citizens.

In another jab, Archer claimed that the GBD’s “rhetoric gave oxygen to fringe groups.”

He then stated that the GBD creators (all Physicians) were sacrificing the greater good on the altar of hyper-individualism.

And, the big kicker, the GBD – was supported by Donald Trump, ergo, Archer says, it is ‘naïve and dangerous’ (aka “right-wing extremism”).

Archer finishes by stating that ‘physicians and scientists must be responsible in our pronouncements and not sow mistrust of effective public health measures.’

Those plugged into the controversy over The Ezekial Declaration, won’t miss how Archer’s criticism of the Great Barrington Declaration, reads like a script for the E.Ds own dishonest critics.

Dr. Malone’s ‘Physicians Declaration’ is bound to receive similar criticisms, from the same people, playing the same tune.


First published on Caldron Pool, 22nd September 2021.

©Rod Lampard; Caldron Pool

The tragic death of George Floyd was primarily about law enforcement’s abuse of deadly force. All the evidence suggests racism was not a motivator. Yet, many in the Leftist mainstream media, along with their celebrity sycophants, and some well-meaning community leaders jumped straight to the “it’s racist” button, using George’s death as an excuse to once again impose their vacuous ideological paradigm on the rest of us, as they parade their own self-righteous virtue all over social media.

The majority of images, and comments, from “kill whitey”, to those laden with white guilt, and self-hatred, weren’t altruistic. They weren’t about seeking justice for George. They were shared to either perpetuate, or avoid the “you’re white, therefore you’re racist” fallacy. It’s all a self-righteous show that puts appearances before substance; emotion before evidence; bandwagon activism before just causes.

Images posted of George to social media, claiming that George’s death was the result of “systemic racism” within the “white” community perpetuates the racist myth that our melanin or ethnicity defines our character, when it doesn’t. On a deeper level, this kind of fallacious belief extracts sin from racism. Since sin permeates all ethnicities, it removes the sin of racism from select communities. In turn those select communities are deemed sinless; exempt, immune from the virus.

But sin makes no distinction between gender and ethnicity. Sin knows no race other than the human race. Perpetuating the racist myth from Leftists that “all white people are racist” doesn’t give George justice. Perpetuating this stigma against white people emboldens a false narrative and its cycle of manipulative rhetoric, resentment and hate. It perpetuates racism.  Perpetuating this stigma against white people, is as unjust as stigmatizing all black people with the brand “criminal”.

This genetic fallacy takes attention away from the injustices carried out by a minority of law enforcement officers, who abuse the power and trust handed to them. It exaggerates the sin of racism where racism doesn’t exist, and dilutes action against racism where it does exist.

Even though there is an obvious disproportionate dysfunctional relationship between law enforcement and members of the African American community, the overall inherent breakdown between law enforcement, and the public, affects all members of the community.

Justice for George begins here. It begins by separating fact from fiction. Justice, free from the political agendas of predominantly loud, Leftist activists. Activists who would love nothing more than to ignite a race war in order to take down people that they themselves deem unworthy of life – people with a different view, who offer reasoned criticism or don’t follow along blindly.

It should be no surprise that the same people screaming “evidence of systemic racism” now, without evidence to back that claim up, hate Trump with a vengeance. Where were they when Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden made racist remarks? Biden inferred to black America that they were owned by the Democrat Party because they owed the Democrat Party – words USA Today was right to describe as ‘voter intimidation.

Note well the hypocrisy of leaders who remain silent about abortion, but publicly beat their chests, and tear open their garments in protest over George’s death, remain silent about the industrial abortion industry. The latter, is surely as important as the former, when applying Martin Luther King’s ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere’.

As tragic, as unnecessary, as senseless, and as vile as the murder of George Floyd is, that doesn’t change the fact that under the definition of racism, it is racist to assume racism was the chief motivator solely because the police officer was white!

The emotionally charged jump past the evidence, towards racist conclusions, has turned just protests into unjust rioting. Personal property is destroyed, communities suffer and cities burn. The political charged narrative has trumped justice, mercy and love.

We need to preserve the truth, not perpetuate Leftist myths which preach a false narrative that stirs up fear, division, as its progenitors steer an unquestioning public towards an outcome that serves their own political ends.

When I asked on social media about whether there was proof of racism in this case, I was shutdown. I asked about whether or not George’s death was racially motivated or simply an example of arrogant law enforcement applying an unnecessary, excessive use of force? I asked for people to back up their virtue signalling with evidence to support their claims.

In the case of Kevin Max, an ex-DC Talk member, who now describes himself as a leftist, my respectful, reasoned comments were deleted. Then my account blocked.

The message was clear: “don’t challenge the narrative”, “don’t question the party line.”

The lingering questions attached are about political agenda.  As suggested on Twitter by Jesse Lee Peterson, and at least one other Twitter user:

With reports of ANTIFA (and it would be fair to assume, white nationalist fringe dwellers) on the ground fuelling the riots, Leftists appear to want a race war. Accompanied by their sense of entitlement to black Americans this suggests that the Left is confident of winning the 2020 election in the United States on a zero sum basis of pitching black against white.

The Left’s chosen battle field for the election may very well be a community divided by hatred. Their weapon of choice, a reigniting of old wounds, in order to take a throne that they consider to be rightfully theirs.

What these lingering questions imply is that the outrage isn’t about justice for George. The outrage is a pretence for a last ditch attempt to reinstate a corrupt, totalitarian power structure, threatened by Donald Trump’s presidency because his election signaled a broad rejection of Leftist utopianism.

Justice for George is about achieving justice for all victims of law enforcement who’ve abused the power and trust handed to them. Racism may have played a role, but that’s not what the evidence points to. Amy Swearer’s well written piece in the Daily Signal backs this conclusion.

According to The Week’s, Kathryn Krawczyk, the officer who pinned George down, had a history of conduct complaints laid against him, with zero action taken by then prosecutor, and now potential Vice-Presidential candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s (Democrat-Minn.).

A radicalized media, aligned comfortably with the far-Left, counts their profits, as they warm their hands by fires they helped to ignite. They play the heart strings of Americans like a fiddle, and in the process stop all thinking Americans from questioning their agenda. That they appear to be succeeding is beyond tragic.

I’m not alone. Candace Owens, among many others, including Brandon Tatum, Alveda King, and Terrance Williams, took to social media to call for calm, and for a push back against the narrative. On Instagram yesterday, Owen’s passionately wrote:

This is Minnesota where black people are now looting and rioting to avenge the death of George Floyd.
No one—not a single solitary person defended or excused the death of George Floyd, so why is this rioting happen? Because that is what the media wanted. Because it’s what they have trained us to do since the mid 60’s, when they married us to the Democrat Party….white liberal politicians will stump on our issues, pretending to be our shoulders to cry on. They will tell us it’s because of system oppression and we will believe it and repeat the same bullshit again, EVERY FOUR YEARS.
We allow our black youth to be programmed by a satanic media that tells them that they will never be anything, and life will never be fair so they MIGHT AS WELL lead a life of anger and crime.
Our inability to THINK through emotional tragedies is our biggest curse, and the Democrat Party’s biggest blessing.’ (Abridged)

The process of justice for George has only just begun. Yet America burns because the meta-narrative being preached by leftists is winning out over the process of justice, and evidence based reasoning.

One of the few things this proves is that Westerners are slipping further and further away from objective morality, fact based evidence, and intellectual inquiry.

Instead of lament and remedy, our poets applaud as fires burn, and our leaders submit to an acquiescent quid pro quo, while freedom, truth and honesty, lay mortally wounded on the altar of the cult of modern liberalism.

First published on Caldron Pool, 30th May 2020.

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

© Rod Lampard, 2020.