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  1. The Left Blind to The Slaughter of Christians.

Columnist, Miranda Divine presents nothing short of an all out assault on Leftism. Her article clasps a firm hold on the contradiction of ‘selective outrage’ evident in the deafening silence of the Left when it comes to the persecution of Christians.

One only has to imagine the outcry, should the eviction and extermination of Christians from Mosul, have been the eviction and extermination of a homosexual community from the same town.

I doubt that Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, or his team would be given much room to offer refuge to Christians caught up in this crisis. That is without having to fend off, with taxpayer’s money, a plethora of allegations from a large portion of his rather raucous and crude detractors about selective treatment and hypocrisy in regards to the immigration and refugee debates.

  1. My Stint as a Political Cartoonist.

In recent months Scott Freeman has written some very sound articles on the relationship between conservatives and (little ‘l’) liberals. In my opinion, Scott presents a fair and balanced perspective, with a ton of grace packed in between the lines. From an American point of view he unpacks some of the issues being faced by most Liberal (capital ‘L’) democratic societies.

This is not definitive, but here are a few more that stand out:

  1. Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential.

A while back I encountered a video which showed some African children in a whole new light. It was viewed through the eyes of dignity, not pity. This article from summarises a real and practical approach to raising others up, instead of staring back in horror.

  1. Duck Dynasty Revisited: Phil Robertson

If you have twenty-five minutes, this sermon from Phil Robertson, of ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame, is worth listening to. For context: he is in California talking about reconciliation, resurrection, Jesus Christ and past mistakes.

  5. Fake Beeps and the Name of Jesus.

Following on from number four, both Phil and Willie Robertson discuss their disagreement with the A & E producers for using “fake beeps” in order to make ‘Duck Dynasty’ more appealing.  In addition to this the producers desired a limit on any sincere mention of Jesus Christ in the prayers which feature at the close of each episode.[i]

‘Be patient with us. It’s not the Pat Robinson show…this is Hollywood hitting the Kingdom of God.’

[i] Source:

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Gathered here, are some of the best bits and pieces I’ve encountered online over the past few weeks. Some reflective, some serious, some just plain hilarious.

1. Everyday Heroes [Video]: Water bombing, aircraft, inferno extinguishers. Along with the song, something about this just shouts awesome.

2. Chesterton’s uniqueness appears to know no bounds.

G.K Chesterton from Alarms and discursions‘Science & Art without morality are not dangerous in the sense commonly supposed. They are not dangerous like a fire, but dangerous like a fog. A fire is dangerous in its brightness; a fog in its dullness; and thought without morals is merely dull, like a fog.

The fog seems to be creeping up the street; putting out lamp after lamp. But this cockney lamp-post… is still crowned with its flame; and when the fathers have forgotten ethics, their babies will turn and teach them’

(The Essential Chesterton Collection, 2009. Kindle Ed. 7612-7615 – This version is real cheap via Amazon at the moment)

3. There are a few versions of this old story on YouTube, this one is the most dramatic and amusing. Instead of an Irish accent  on the other end of the comms, it’d be funnier with an Aussie one. (“Just sayin’…” 🙂 )


4. We’ve just about finished watching through the T.V series Duck Dynasty. This meme epitomises the gutsy edge to this Cajun delight. Even though it’s structured up unto a point (what reality TV show isn’t?), that doesn’t hinder the serious message being promoted through all the bells and whistles (or in this case duck calls, camo, camaraderie and comedy).



5. Lastly, if you have ever wondered what would have happened should the remaining members of Led Zeppelin become a “worship band”. Here Tim Hawkins pulls off a pretty close interpretation of how it might have turned out:

Images: G.K Chesterton, Alarms and Discursions 1910; Jase Robertson, (Pinterest)