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Six Strings

September 13, 2018 — Leave a comment


Rhythm Shoes

Broken blues

Wooden floors

Blackened halls

Five notes

Minor stairs

Strings and wood

Fred Astaire.

Fret board





Octave jumping

Big band


It’s Jazz, man!

Climbing Chords

Inverted forms

Progression lords

Marshal stack

Leads unraveled

Fold back.

High hats

Brass cats

Tactical hits


Rhyming scat;

this and that.

Bass walking

like it’s a living thing.

 water on a tin roof.


smooth and hectic.

It’s jazz, man!

©Rod Lampard, 2018

Here is another attempt at writing a haiku and a paraphrase of one of todays readings.

Climate changes. Cold leaves fall.

Textures warming hearts and minds.

Sweetening the embrace of Spring.


Psalm 56_9_13

The image comes from a cool and damp afternoon last week (see below). The low cloud seemed to hover in that spot allowing the sun to spear fragments of light through it.

low cloud