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  • Ground for keeping hopeful about the future – [synonym] – anticipate; assure; call
  • A verbal commitment  by one person to another agreeing to  do (or not do) something in the future.


  • Tell in advance; predict
  • Give grounds for expectation
  • Make a commitment


Reading the words of Psalm 119:137-144 this morning. The words reminded me of something I read in the only letter I have that was written by my Great Grandmother to her son. In it she wrote: ‘God is slow but sure’.

I would tweak that and say ‘God can be slow, but He is indeed sure’.

Perhaps, like me, you might also be in need of this reminder today.

Righteous are you O Lord Psalm 119

Source: RL2013 ‘Vespers’

A Lenten Litany



We shudder.

In loving gratitude, we are brought to our knees

Because we are reminded of whose we are,

and the who we are becoming.

Crying out, kyrie eleison we join the great cloud of witnesses, contemporary ancients participating with the Spiritual agent.

When we allow God as Father to work through His son in our lives,



Shatters our defence mechanisms and our primal survival tactics

He turns us away from the proverbial kill or be killed…

Allowing us to breathe,

Allowing us to smile,

Allowing us rest,

Allowing us to heal.

The Spirit.

He who intervenes,

He the chosen incarnated one removes us from perceived indelible stains,

the kind that chain us, bind us and define our identity,


He frees us to be free for Him.

Inspired by Psalm 42:1/Romans 8:15/Hebrews 12:1