Archives For April 16, 2013

‘For I believe that, just as we may not approach events such as this one out of curiosity and a thirst for the sensational, nor may we disregard them in silence and indifference, however much the daily news reports might cause us to do so…

…Rather, they should speak to us. For through them God addresses us concerning the greatness and nothingness of human beings…

God speaks in this way even through a tragedy like the one which has shocked the entire civilised world this week, and we cannot fail to hear, nor may we’

(Karl Barth 21st April, 1912 – sermon: ‘On the Sinking of the Titanic’)

Our thoughts and prayers are for our U.S brothers and sisters today.

Linkin Park ‘A Thousand Suns’ – album available at amazon or itunes, Martin Luther King. Jnr. ‘Beyond Vietnam’