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Facile Friday

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Ian's armoured bus_Israel

Armored bus from Israel.(despite what it says – I wasn’t there – FB wall posting mechanics FTW)

I am putting this week down to being one of clarification, alteration and some of that good ole’ conviction we read about in Lk 12:12[1], John 14:26[2] and Heb.11:1[3].

Here are a collection of links from sites which I found particularly insightful this week.

1. Author, Craig Borlase hits the mark in his 2012 discourse about social media and Christianity.

2. Salvation Army Officer, Robert Evans made his mark with the statement “the quality of the human endeavour describes the character of a person whose internal victory speaks louder than their external defeat”read more.

3. N.T scholar, Scot Mcknight included some interesting reading in a blog post entitled ‘A competent creator?’ Mcknight pointed to Daniel Harrell’s book ‘Nature’s witness: How evolution can inspire faith’ and pulled out the following quip:

A scientist tells God that he’s figured out how to create life from the dust of the ground, just like God did in the beginning. Consequently, the scientist says, he’s shown that God is no longer a plausible hypothesis for the origin of life. Impressed, the Lord tells the scientist to do it again; he’d like to watch. So the scientist picks up a handful of dirt. But the Lord stops him right there.
“Uh-uh” God says. “Get your own dirt.” (p.69)

4. Blogger ‘the Ink Slinger’ gave a perceptive response to claims that ‘people within Islam view extremists with the same caution as Christians who view  Westboro Baptist church’ as being a reactionary group who are notoriously grim (and theologically misguided)…read more.

5. A friend of mine pointed me towards this youtube rocker, ‘331Erock’s’ enchanting metal arrangement of the theme songs Dr.Who, I am the Doctor’ and ‘Skyfall’. It really does goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Adele and screaming guitars?…great combo!

6. Ps.Walter Bright gets a sound out from me because of this poignant piece. Basically, WB encourages us to ‘go beyond information to transformation’. Food for thought for those of us with an almost unquenchable thirst for intellectual-theological engagement.

7. Finally, a big thanks to those who stopped by the blog this week. I have included a picture of an armored bus a friend of mine took whilst on a trip to Israel recently. Until I saw the picture I was thinking A-teamesk iron-plated-silver panelling, with small rectangular viewing slots lined up and running down the side, with maybe a few spotter turrets on the top. Who knew, heh…it was completely different to what I had imagined and actually looks quite comfortable. 😛


[1] ‘For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” (Lk.12:12, ESV)

[2] ‘But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you’ (Jn.14:26, ESV).

[3] ‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen’ (Heb.11:1, ESV).

A few years back, I’m talking 1997-2000, some friends and I pulled together a band. We formed up from a worship team we were involved in. This particular event was the last time we played together, minus our drummer.

The drummer pictured in the video was a fill-in, who did a fine job of holding time and rhythm, especially given the length of time he had to practice with us. The video is not professionally produced, so it may seem a bit kitsch. In any case, the work inspired me then, and still does today.

The lyrics and melody were written by a mate of mine, who is also the gent singing in the video.Another mate of mine (pictured) created the baselines. As the guitarist, I helped layer that with riffs, lead melody and some harmony.

The lyrics bring our attention to the intense theological wrestling, which we encounter, when we ignore our sin or use self-justification as a tool to tame a wildly-for-us grace.

This is found in the clash, within human experience, between sin and truth. It involves examining the subsequent lies and self-condemnation we put ourselves through, and  how important it is to replace that with the God whose just judgement, bring himself to us in Christ’s humanity, so that we may become fully human and wholly His. (2 Cor.10:4-5/ Num.23:19/Hos.11:9).

What are the false-beliefs and lies that you need to unembrace and replace with God’s truth today?

Lyrics: of God and Self.

You’ve fallen down, I saw your face
Whispers of the pain
Wakes the vain
as your walls fall down around their lives

You’ve fallen down, I saw your face
Whispers to (of) the pain
makes us sain
as the walls fall down

You crossed that line
of God and self
Now your gone away from Him to die
You’ve fallen down
veil has dropped
whispers of the pain wakes the vain
around you life

©Seven7Fold music.