High Rotation

I recently came across the Rhett Walker Band.

Music from their 2012 album ‘Come to the River’ seems to be filling a ‘dusty’ niche in my iTunes folder. Although that said, I am yet to really follow through with plans to purchase a two hour long collection of Mozart’s best (yay I might hear you say in a less than enthusiastic voice). In my defence: I like to study to certain types of classical music.

As for why I am yet to commit to the Mozart purchase…the answer is simple: I keep getting distracted.

As a side note: The RWB song ‘Singing Stones’ is outstanding and worthy of any ”Country, kind of..” playlist – should you like me, chose to create such a list. A word of caution though:  if you do chose to use said title of said list it might end up humouring your almost-teenage children… (guaranteeing at least 2min of family fun at your expense and you having to wonder what exactly made the title of your playlist so amusing in the first place 🙂 ).

Among your own playlist titles, which would you say is the funniest?

‘Singing Stone’ can be heard here

‘Come to the River’ here:


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