Movie Trailer for “Noah” Coming Out In March

Reblogged from Delightful Oak:

Hollywood is making a movie about Noah starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, and Anthony Hopkins.  Looks very realistic, not your usual Sunday school version.

My thoughts:

If we claim the Noah story proves that Yahweh is an unloving tyrant, we also must apply this to all benevolent opposition to tyranny, including American military interventions in Europe during World War Two. Ergo to perpetuate this view is to ignore the historical context of the events.

This new Noah movie looks like it will, no doubt, cause a storm.

….’Jesus’ kingdom does not derive from this world, but it is designed for this world…God’s healing and justice is aimed at restoration rather than punitive destruction, it can neither be advanced nor attained by the domineering, bullying, fighting kingdom-methods employed in merely earthly kingdoms.’

(N.T Wright, ‘Creation, Power & Truth” 2013:50)


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