On Lights, Veggies & a Few Musical Nutcrackers

For background ‘atmos’ in the schoolroom today, we gave the vinyl of Bing’s “White Christmas” a spin. As per the dust on display in the imperfect picture? In retrospect I probably should have dusted off the record player before jumping right in.  I’ll put such a failure to act down to being an x-gen, who knows more about the right care of tape recorders and CD’s than that of record players.


If you happened to read my post about the ”Quintessential 12” – a compendium of what I consider the best Christmas tunes, covered, improvised and created; you’re probably aware of my penchant for Crowder’s cover of ‘Carol of the Bells’ and the Casting Crowns version of Longfellow’s ‘I heard the bells on Christmas Day’. If not, and you’d like to read it, the link for that is here – (aRt and tHeOlOgY: Christmas Musica Compendium).

The reason for mentioning that post is:

I may have to add one song to the list. After watching the new Veggie vid, this fun Christmas groove appears to be reaching orbit on my youngen’s “Dad,-please-buy-it-when-you-can” list:

(Just for the ”record”: I wasn’t paid to promote this new DVD – Veggie Tales simply just rock).

VeggieTales “Light of Christmas” Official: Owl City featuring Toby Mac – Lyric Video from:

Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas


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