Grace Over the Abyss

300px-Edith_Stein‘…One night in 1930, the French occupation forces left the city of Speyer, and the German army took over. Teachers and students went to celebrate the event that took place at midnight. Everybody was excited about the regained freedom, symbolized in the parade of the German soldiers to the light of the torches’ flames. Edith Stein, however, was very quiet. Uta von Bodman asked her why she did not share the enthusiasm of the crowd, of all the spectators.

Edith answered:

“They are going to persecute first the Jews, then afterwards the Catholic Church.” Her friend could not believe it. “Wait, and you will remember my words,” Edith said.

It is not the self-conscious certainty of a man who stands on his two feet by his own power, but the sweet and blessed certainty of a child that is being carried by a strong arm.

‘She did not live in anxiety, but in hope, even when she had to die in the gas chambers of Auschwitz on August 9, 1942’.

– Ex-Atheist & Camelite Nun , Edith Stein. Introduction to Her Life and Thought
(Carmelite Studies) Kindle Ed. 959-961 Christus Publishing, LLC. (image: Wikipedia)


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