aRt & tHeOlOgY: C.S Lewis Doodle [Video]

I hope that your Christmas and all it involved this year was a good one, or at least as good as it could be.

Allow me to ‘draw‘ your attention to something that I discovered on YouTube a few days ago: C.S Lewis Doodle. Each video goes for around 10 minutes-plus.

Granted, compared to most YouTube videos this is a little long.

Don’t let that detract you from checking them out. The entire presentation flows well due to some very creative drawings which are used to interpret the text being narrated. There are six in the series so far, with new content added regularly.

8 thoughts on “aRt & tHeOlOgY: C.S Lewis Doodle [Video]

    1. Rod says:

      Thanks. I was a little disappointed that he ran out of room on his version of ”The Grand Miracle” because the real punch in that sermon from C.S Lewis comes in the final part (I.M.O). On a side note: I tried to find an email sub for your blog Kevin – is that option available or have I overlooked it? May the New Year bring greater blessings to you and your family mate.


      1. Kevin Davis says:

        That reminded me to put a link for email subs — it is now at the bottom of the blog (above archives). is also a good alternative. New Year blessings to you as well!



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