Preamble To The Fall of Empire

Preamble to the fall of Empire

I speak into the void.
The sound of my voice echoes back at me;
The reverb of a roosters crow;
Three times reminding me that
I lived and walked beside the precipice.

Here I know the noise of nothingness,
And fear the emptiness of this dawn.
The tyranny of the mob demands solidarity.
We watched as the cloth and metal,

Holding together this rectangular sign of Empire,
its wood, its bark, and their arrogant remarks.
Soon to rise and soon to fall.
Like the crowned and lowering head of its sole occupant;
Like a preamble to the future of the Empire it represents.

I speak into the void and resist what I once feared.
This once victorious nothingness flees.
My eyes strain.
At the sight of this empty tomb the cold emptiness drains
Only anticipation and recollection remain.

Has this strange new kingdom appeared?
Un-expectantly leading without leading,
Exchanging a donkey for a stallion;
I found myself befriended by God’s apocalypse.

Not perceiving, but perceived.
Not asserting about God,
but hearing God assert things about Himself.

This God, alone, become our servant without equal
This man, Jesus, now become, Chief of Kings.
The Christ risen.

The firstborn of the dead; of New Creation;
restoration, reconciliation
Announcing and proclaiming:
Momentum awaiting movement;
movement engaged by loving motivation.

Joy and hope beaming from anticipation fulfilled.

©RL2014: Inspired by Simon Peter of the Gospels and Karl Barth’s discussion on Christology in CD.1.2:  The Mystery of Revelation, 1938

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