The Stirring Of Greater Things To Come

A browse through our garden earlier in the week produced this unique discovery.

The morning sky was layered in fog so I suspect that the cooler air is bringing with it a lot of condensation. It is the first time I have noticed water droplets like these, which appeared on the leaves of a strawberry plant.


It is almost as if there is an announcement silently deposited here, a crown of quiet proclamation, stating that one day fruit will appear. It is a lot like the stirring of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, reminding us of greater things to come.

From the magnificent Rev.Charles Spurgeon:

‘Lord, let me be among those who confess that they were once thine enemies, and have been reconciled to thee by the death of thy Son. Let me be numbered among those who were the servants of sin, but have, through thy grace, obeyed from the heart the doctrine of thy word. Let me ever vividly perceive that I have undergone a radical change, which I greatly needed, and without which I should have been an heir of wrath, even as others.’

 (The Empty Brag, Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden 1883)


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