Write Your Own Haiku November: Technological Pet Peeves

Blog sidepic 1 GVLLast month I included a reader participation post, wherein budding poets interested in the art of haiku, were encouraged to make a contribution.

The theme for October was ‘Table Fellowship’ and a couple of brave bloggers joined me in dousing the idea in a display of creativity.

The how?

Write a haiku. Then share it in one of two ways:

a) Blog your haiku and link back to this thread, or b) Post your haiku in the comments section

The what?

November’s theme: Technological Pet Peeves.

My offering:

Zero charge.
Rapid response. PS3 chaos.
Black screen, flat controller.

{Not sure how, or what? Haiku originated in Japan. It is a form of poetry that follows a 5, 7, 5 syllable structure, over 3 short sentences. While still sticking to basic idea, Haiku in English is usually more flexible.}

Image: Mine. Created using the photo editor over @ picmonkey.com

{I was not paid to promote anyone or anything for this post}


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