Archives For November 6, 2014

What do you get when you match Australian, and ex-Newsboys front man, Peter Furler {on drums} with Steve Taylor (Christ follower, vocalist and renowned creative genius responsible for the classic brilliance of such tunes as ”Jesus is for Losers“, ”Bannerman” and  “Cash Cow“)?

You get: Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil!

As to the meaning of the term ‘Perfect Foil’? The best explanation I can find, at this present time is:

“the perfect foil to that sudden gust of wind” suggests a different foil, the verb meaning “To prevent from being successful; thwart.” Its noun form means “a defeat.”
(Source: Throw Grammar From a Train)

Otherwise I’m with you – “wt?” – but such is the vibrant artistry of S.T.

As a side dish, here’s Steve’s “memoranda” on ‘The Future of the Music Industry’.