Coleridge: ‘Christianity Is a Living Process’

Fusion rock outfit, Skillet, continue to punch out solid melody and lyrics. Accurate accompaniment for both broken poet and grateful theologian.


Picture of a swing mount_#Coleridgequote_RL 2013



‘Lord, do not let us – not one of us – remain dull and indifferent to your gift and revelation…Awaken us to the small joy and thankfulness that we are capable of, the timid faith that we bring, the incomplete obedience that we cannot refuse – to the hope in the greatness, wholeness, and completeness that you have prepared for us in the death of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and that you have promised us in his resurrection from the dead. Amen’
[Fifty Prayers, pp.29-30]




Karl Barth, 2008 Fifty prayers #23,  Westminster John Knox Press

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Aid to reflection Kindle Ed.


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