The First Breath of God’s Revelation

Advent participation.

Impossible is the insinuation;

Or, so goes the well packaged accusations.

Yet, still booms the revel of Christmas night.


Awakened by whispers.

Corrupted power structures are still rattled by the disturbance.

Their victims,

Firmly grasped.

Dearly held.




The coming disruptive Holiness

The embodiment of grace;

The righteous rule of Jesus Christ.

The first human breath;

the first human cry of God’s Revelation.

Art and Advent

*An inverted photo of some Christmas craft my son created.

2 thoughts on “The First Breath of God’s Revelation

    1. Rod Lampard says:

      Thanks, mate. God remains God, despite what man or woman say or demand He be. As Barth says, only God can speak of who He is. It should be clear enough, through covenant and Christ, that the Word spoken to us is at the very same time the one spoken for us. My prayer is to be at least listening enough, just hear and grasp that.



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