March Of The Eschaton


March of the Eschaton With FrameI spent a few days experimenting with an electronic sound. All this was worked out on the guitar first. Afterwards I mixed the tune and ended up with this rather cool sounding 3min tune.

In theological circles, the word eschaton  ‘means doctrine of the “last things – in the last days.” It’s definition is fairly broad, but is at times restricted to pertaining to all things do with the final age. It can also relate to the completion of a cycle’ (EDT, p.386)

As always, constructive feedback is always welcome.

SoundCloud: {linkage}



Elwell, W.A. 1994 EDT: Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Baker Academic

4 thoughts on “March Of The Eschaton

    1. Rod Lampard says:

      🙂 I love that. I’ll consider it a win. I put together a funk version of it using the keyboards on garage band. (Which I’ll mess around with and post a bit later on) – my kids said that version was very much like an 80’s TV theme song. I’m not surprised, lol, considering the amount of TV my sister and I were raised on.

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