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Header 30th May 2016

Hear the world’s excited march towards oblivion.

At times joyful,

sometimes mournful.

Nearly always neglectful.

Twisting the beat for a buck.

Losing the verse.

The chorus rips away from its moorings.

Sound bitten wounds.

Context bleeds out into unconsciousness.

The repetitive cycle,

… of continuing coverage.

Against this,

the smouldering embers of the Nazarene flicker.

Rising to announce the fast approaching end to the night.

The resistance of the hopeful,

burned into forever,

crossing out the mind-numbing persistence;

in revolt against the thieves of existence.

Wresting control

from the restless repeat of Sisyphus and his

modern disciples of defeat.


Facile Friday

October 11, 2013 — 2 Comments


1. Posted today, this great read is a poem called ‘Noise’ (link). Written by Charity for her blog ‘What matters most’. The poem is a call to prayer that reflects a need to move beyond the ‘noise’ of our activism. Finding a pause in our time-poor routines, and social networking, in order to acknowledge God’s presence.

2. This link was too hard to ignore and not share on the social media carousel.  Mark Driscoll. A short blog post and a lot of Z’s. I loved reading this because I never get tired of hearing the words “You have permission to rest”.

3. A blog I follow with keen interest is ‘after existentialism, light’. Kevin Davis presents a variety of theological material and posted a very interesting article titled ‘Transubstantiation in Thomas Aquinas: part one’ (link). Worth a read if you have ever wondered about the Thomistic approach to communion.

4. When I came across the FB blurb for a look into ‘Libraries of the rich and famous’ (link), I hit the ground running (so to speak). I like looking at the ideas people have used to create elaborate unpractical, cosy, or sometimes sterile pens for their treasured literature. Given the trends towards e-readers, could owning a library like those pictured earn the owners a luddite tag?

5. Finally. A post written by a husband, stepping up to publically defend his wife against the growing prejudice towards stay-at-home mums. This needs no commentary, check it out here.

Facile Friday

July 13, 2013 — Leave a comment


A summary of things I stopped to wonder at in this weeks internet meandering.

1. Erwin McManus recently posted an article on Christian Leadership. I am a major fan of his book ‘The Barbarian Way’, and was particularly taken with his ideas that:

a) ” Leaders create human communities
b)    Leaders live in the future they invite us into.
c)    Leaders become great teachers when they become great learners.
d)    Leaders use their power to protect the powerless.
e)    Leaders are guardians of movement, not guardians of culture” (Erwin McManus).

2. Some potentially BIG news from an archaeological dig in Israel: Unique Egyptian sphinx unearthed in north Israel

3. I was stopped by two quotes from Corrie Ten Boom, Dutch concentration camp survivor. In the light of reading Metaxas’ biography of Bonhoeffer, I’m finding Corrie’s work to more rich than I had previously considered. My appreciation for this woman of God is intensifying. As a result I am still processing these two gems:

i) ‘making a living can keep us so busy that the Sabbath catches us like a noose. Not only do our worries snare us, so do happy expectations’
ii) ‘Seldom have we read with such great interest so many prophecies in the Bible and newspapers side by side, as we did in those days and even today.

(I Stand at the Door and Knock, 2008:146 )

4. featured a post on 16 Incredible home libraries. For me, these three were the stand outs:

home libraries_techeblog_1




5. This week BlimeyCow put this youtube video out entitled the ‘7 lies about homeschoolers’. I was encouraged and entertained by it – recommended: