Facile Friday


1. Posted today, this great read is a poem called ‘Noise’ (link). Written by Charity for her blog ‘What matters most’. The poem is a call to prayer that reflects a need to move beyond the ‘noise’ of our activism. Finding a pause in our time-poor routines, and social networking, in order to acknowledge God’s presence.

2. This link was too hard to ignore and not share on the social media carousel.  Mark Driscoll. A short blog post and a lot of Z’s. I loved reading this because I never get tired of hearing the words “You have permission to rest”.

3. A blog I follow with keen interest is ‘after existentialism, light’. Kevin Davis presents a variety of theological material and posted a very interesting article titled ‘Transubstantiation in Thomas Aquinas: part one’ (link). Worth a read if you have ever wondered about the Thomistic approach to communion.

4. When I came across the FB blurb for a look into ‘Libraries of the rich and famous’ (link), I hit the ground running (so to speak). I like looking at the ideas people have used to create elaborate unpractical, cosy, or sometimes sterile pens for their treasured literature. Given the trends towards e-readers, could owning a library like those pictured earn the owners a luddite tag?

5. Finally. A post written by a husband, stepping up to publically defend his wife against the growing prejudice towards stay-at-home mums. This needs no commentary, check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Facile Friday

  1. Sis says:

    I loved # 1. I love her whole blog. She seems like me.
    Mark Driscoll made me laugh.
    I was too lazy to read about existentialism.
    I love libraries, I want to turn our entire home into one someday….after we sell it.
    Already read the SAHM one, it has started some feuds among my friends. It’d be nice if we could all just get along.

    Loved these! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Rod Lampard says:

      Thanks Sis.I often read Charity’s posts and my wife and I discuss, as part of our broader reading, the theology. Women, like yourself, who are getting more involved in well reasoned and creative theological reflection is something worth encouraging in a big way. Peace and Grace to you. 🙂



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