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God, Do You Speak Morse?

October 17, 2015 — 2 Comments

Here’s another original groove. It’s a lot more on the heavier side, which meant finding a clear distinction between the lower distortion, the large dose of delay and the higher notes on the fret board.

I couldn’t stay too low or the geetar’n goodness here would muffle against the bass. Like last weeks creation, I worked with F#min and it’s always friendly compadre, A Maj. Not bad for a bit of guitar practice.

The sound is improved through duplicating each track. These overlays were then balanced from left to right. It’s the first time I’ve gone this far with Audacity.I am, however, still fighting to improve how this is heard through small speakers. For now, it remains something better heard through good headphones or decent speakers.

As for the question that represents the instrumental, it speaks for itself.