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May 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

For those new to GVL: firstly, hello and thank you for stopping by. Secondly, the general idea with this post is to present a summary of the things that I stopped to wonder at this week. WHAT a sad and disturbing week it has been for the Global community. May the Facile be your antidote to the chaos…so please read on.

Image credit: RL2013

Image credit: RL2013 ‘Autumn’

1. I stumbled upon this resourceful website: Grammar Girl. I am not really sure why I even landed here and hung around for so long. I do remember discovering it on a search for some clarification over a grammatical question. I then found her post on the Top Ten Grammar myths. (subject? verb? object?  – hmm.., pretty sure I got that sentence right…thank you Gramma Girl!! :P)

2. Matthew Gray is Church History lecturer at Tabor Adelaide. He recently contributed a post to wonderingfair.com. Matt puts the TV series Vikings through an interesting historical critique. In sum he suggests that the History channel has wrongly, read history backwards. This is evident in the shows appeal to the growing contempt for Christianity within Western society. Matt’s piece is a significant example of how theology can critique ideology and culture without ridiculing it. (I highly recommend this article)

3. One thing I struggle to understand is how excited some of my friends are about Richard Dawkins. I have some sympathy for the guy, since he appears to have had some bad dealings with the church in the past. However, this negative experience seems to have skewered his theodicy and permeates his overall contribution to theological discussions. Which brings me to this brilliant assessment, written by a Jewish Rabbi. I am yet to read a critique of Dawkins (the-psuedo-theologian), with the same depth of perception that Rabbi David Wolpe achieves. As a side note: if you are not sure who Richard Dawkins is, there is this one hour debate between Dawkins and a leading Australian Catholic figure, Cardinal George Pell,  .  Pell critiques Dawkins’ position. This is a tame introduction to what some people have termed, militant atheism.

4. As is fairly clear for those who visit GVL, or are connected with me on Twitter and/or Facebook, I lean towards being a connoisseur of music. So during some research for a project that I am slowly working on, I stumbled upon an article written by Doug Van Peltabout  (HM magazine/Relevant) about David Crowder. Being a fairly consistent fan of DC*B and their liturgical manifesto, I thought I’d pass it on. Read more…

5. John Piper caught some criticism this week for an unfortunate “tweet” that coincided with the  catastrophic Tornado that ran through Oklahoma . In my opinion the guy needs to be disciplined for it from within his church community. The backlash towards Piper on social media is understandable, however it overlooks three things a) Piper is not God b) Piper makes mistakes c) the privilege of using social media comes with responsibility. To right off his entire theology because of a mistake or mistakes is, well, a mistake. Our response to Piper, needs as much restraint as Piper’s should have had. This leads me to my next point. I encountered an article of relevance this week which talked about introverted Pastors. It is finely written and I thought that it helped frame a topic that is often misunderstood, if not ignored, by the church.

6. Some time back I came across a blog called The Unappreciated Pastor. He recently wrote an anecdotal piece on fishing and being fishers of people. I like a lot of what U.P reflects on. This particular post is on not giving up, despite the stumbles, bumps and battles those in ministry experience. This post has GRAVITAS! (presence) and LUMEN! (light). For example:

“There are times I am embarrassed. There are times I am beat up and overwhelmed with the storms of life. There are times I do dumb things and make a fool of myself. There are times the cold winds of loneliness blow against me. But I keep going. I keep running this race. Because quiet honestly, I love fishing. I love bringing Christ glory by sharing the gospel with a lost world. To a lot of folks it doesn’t make sense. But to me it makes perfect sense” (U.P)…read more….related reading “Never Give Up” (Walt Bright)

7. I aligned with Christ, sobering up between Christmas and New Years in 1996. Skillet were part of the many bands that upheld me during that time. I had heard this song sometime back and recently stumbled onto it again, after a leisurely stroll through Youtube. The guitars are loaded! It is amazing how the lyrics in a song can maintain their relevance:

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