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Facile Friday

June 8, 2013 — 4 Comments


1.  A few weeks mentioned Katie Kiesler’s book, ‘My problem with Grace’. Katie had an interview featured this week on the blog Smartygirlleadership. What Kiesler has to say in this article is profound. One example:

‘I truly believe that readers are leaders and writers are readers. They are all connected – if you want to be a great writer, you must keep reading and ultimately, learning from those who have gone before you. Then you will become a leader whose writing can impact the world for good’ (Kiesler, 2013)...check it out here… 

2. Here is a shout out for DelightfulOak. My wife and I read both of Sis’s blogs and while I am not in 100% agreement with some of her work on Christian marriage, I think that Sis is a veritable voice in the wilderness. A recent high point was reading her reflection on the differences between boys, men and righteous masculinity. You can read more about that here.. 

3. I have a lot of time for David Crowder and The Digital Age. In my view they are great examples of how art and theology can converge.  Here are some recent remixes of ‘After all…(Holy)’ and ‘No one like You’. These are a great kick-starter to the weekend, I recommend checking them out here and here…

4. I recently discovered the ‘Reformed African American Network’.  I found this post enlightening. Kudos to the author, as this is a solid attempt at tackling the subject of neo-racism. There are two other articles which I found on Sarsrose’s blog. Each relate to neo-racism and are relevant reads. Check them out here and here.

5. This past week I had a lot of things to process. Part of this project was looking at the impact of mental health issues from a timeline of my life and how they impacted my family from the get go. In a recent post on her blog Melinda VanRy shared this prayer. I think that her words here reach a depth that we may sometimes struggle to get to, in times like that ,a litany like this can make all the difference.

”Father… Heal my eyes… Help me to see You… Your grace in my chaos… Give me confidence in Your purpose in all my moments… In this moment, and the next, I ask for Your strength and wisdom to say “Thank You” … instead of “SERIOUSLY?!?”… Help me to remember the blessing of undeniable weakness… the reminder that I AM weak… and that I NEED You… Please help me be humble enough to accept Your strength in ALL of my weakness… and not keep tripping myself bloody, stumbling along in my prideful need to feel like I have control… Once again I bow before You… and repent of my pride… Help me be a LIVING sacrifice… that doesn’t always squirm, kick, or jump and run from the altar… Help me to remember how blessed I am… Help me to praise You by thanking You, by keeping on putting one foot in front of the other, always taking one more step toward You… whether it’s through the valley, out of the valley, or in the green pastures where complacency is my enemy… Please help me to accept with gratitude ALL that comes from Your hand, and never deny the grace that’s ALWAYS there… In Jesus’ name… AMEN”. (Melinda VanRy, May 2013)

6. Another weekend kick-starter: I came across this video a while back. The Digital Age are basically the David Crowder Band minus D.C…nothing more needs to be said than: @hope #arise

As you blog this week #maythefacilebewithyou

Peace and grace.