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Facile Friday

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1. First cab off the rank is this amazing read written by Richard Dahlstrom. There is little to find troublesome about Dahlstrom’s assessment on creating habits, instead of, just wearing all the paraphernalia. Although the ‘’pun’’ in me wants to say ‘habit’ – Roman Catholic nun – clothes… But seriously, Dahlstrom’s entire article is making a connection between art and theology, which fits into one my areas of interest. He states, ‘Habits make the person.  And habits, done with a whole heart, are art.  And art, as we now know, does not come easy’ – this says it all and gives me a way to justify how quirky Facile Friday really is. (think spiritual discipline – file-for-future-reference,


Arnold S. with PM.Julia Gillard (image credit: Paul Murray Live)

 2. Australian politics this week was about nothing more than food, menus, personal attacks and petty political plays, which seemed to be designed more to entertain than inspire. Satirical Journalist Joe Hildebrand gives a fine summary of that here…:Speaking as a student of theology, I was particularly intrigued by his insightful remark that: “the moral high ground is a notoriously rocky and precarious platform, and the longer one tries to occupy it, the higher the chance of falling off a cliff”.  [For context Australia’s P.M is associated with the feminist political group ‘Emily’s List’].

3. I followed a link to an article discussing some new research on ‘how sleep can solve grammar gremlins’.

”According to newly published research, sleep plays an important part in learning grammar”…”Students, the next time you think you can forgo a good night’s sleep, think again! Sleep may just help you learn those tricky grammatical rules” (via @GrammarGirl).

So I’m guessing, that based on this research, red bull is not a good substitute for sleep when it comes to completing assessments….hmmm…        now         feeling a little guilty. 😛

 4. ‘Crisis Magazine’ had one article that attempted to answer the question: ‘’is the world getting better or worse?’’ The general answer was a cautious yes. With the caveat conjunction, but, hidden between the lines. For brevity, I’ll just say that one statement really impressed me:

”there are fundamental problems with an operating system for human society, liberalism, that treats man as a pure creature of appetite and calculation, and abolishes the authority of every institution other than money, certified expertise, and government bureaucracy”…(James Kalb, author, lawyer and scholar). Read more…


Image credit: Mark Stevens, Blog, The Parsons Patch 2013

5. Over at ‘The Parsons Patch’, Ps. Mark Stevens shared some interesting information about coffee, and a reflection on uncertainty (the latter has been a bit of a theme on GVL lately). I  encountered Mark’s blog a few weeks back now, and recommend checking it out.  Read more here.

6. I’ll finish with what has become for me, the Karl Barth quote of the week:

We ‘have to defy our human uncertainty…     and…                 

follow. Jesus Christ'(CD.IV.4:147)

BECAUSE there is therefore ‘now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus’ (Paul. Rm.8:1).

7. German Pastor, Jobst Bittner talks about his new book, worth 3min of your time.

[As I try to do every Friday, included here are a collection of links at which I happened to stop and wonder. I invite you to wonder at them with me. As you write with Father, Son and Spirit this week #maythefacilebewithyou].