Archives For June 20, 2013

My reasons for blogging are evolving.

As I walk with Father, Son and Spirit, I am unpacking the how, who and why, which defines what this blog is about.

The major theme of Gratia Veritas Lumen (GVL) is theology,  its critique of ideology, and its relationship to art, music, mission and history. Along with some forms of contemplative Christian spirituality, I attempt to pad the content with personal reflections and updates, at various times, about how things are going from a ministry perspective.

These past few days I have been working on a publishing schedule for GVL. This is partly because I am very close to finishing the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology. So I can make room to do it and partly because I need to do it. 🙂

I wanted something to compliment that achievement. Something I could use as a conduit to apply the skills I have acquired and help to improve my writing abilities.

I had originally envisaged GVL being a means of maintaining some form of academic momentum, a spiritual discipline, from which I could share my thoughts and opinions about the theological journey. Conversation and inquiry, instead of debate.

I still see GVL as being about achieving that goal.

My wife got me into writing a blog – she has been following some for the past few years, and encouraged me to take up the task. Not just of writing, but also of engaging and reading what other people are writing as well.

Reluctant to commit to a publishing schedule, my procrastination has been self-limiting, if not,  self-defeating. This (blog writing gig) – the whole thing, has been a bigger than expected learning experience.

Like viewing a rose in bloom, we have found  delight in reading the passionate subject matter. Which of themselves, reads like a journal discussing where people are going, and contains ink slinging about their own theological musings.

Since GVL is a proverbial ‘babe in the words’, as far as blogs go, I am concerned about its longevity and its ability to bless, rather than impress. To counter babble and the often mocked ‘mind-burps’, I think it is useful to have a skeletal structure I can flexibly run with each week.

The structure and specific themes I have drafted are as follows:

1. Monday (theology-ministry-history),

2. Tuesday (art and theology),

3. Wednesday (political theology),

4. Thursday (theological reflection),

5. Friday (facile – internet meanderings from the week),

6. Saturday (Weekend kick-starter)

At this point I’ll continue with Facile Friday, even though I have questioned its purpose. For the record: Facile is really just a place to dump links, refer readers to other blogs, file said links, and allow me to add some thoughts about those links. Rather than make five or seven separate blog posts about each link, I make one blog post.

Here is a little more about me that will help set  GVL ‘in context’.

I write primarily because I believe God has called me to write. I admit that I am not that great at it, but at every step along the way I am learning from the mistakes.

I also have an anxiety disorder which hinders the artistic process of anything I put myself into. Having said this, my faith in Christ is a major reason in enabling me to bring this disorder under control.I am managing the anxiety, and consider myself a recovering perfectionist. Consequently I wrestle with unreasonable fear, rage, impatience, insecurity and rejection, a lot more than I would like too. (My anxiety disorder is a result of negative experiences from my childhood and adolescence – long story…)

Extreme negativity is a darkness with which I have battled for many years. The kind which tries to convince me that anything I do is worthless. This is because I feel as though I am not worthy, skilled or gifted enough.

I am a thinker-talker. As part of the management of my anxiety disorder, I have learnt to become more of a thinker-writer. I have my double degree to thank for this because since starting, I have forced myself to read, write and read some more.  I think that this has been beneficial.

My hope is that so far, GVL has been a blessing to you by helping ground you in the ‘Who’ rather than the ‘What’ God is.

Therefore, I thank you for your patience, and your continued support of this blog, as I submit this thing called Gratia Veritas Lumen once again into the hands of the only true Creator. Feel free to send some feedback about the blog in the comments section, I am looking to improve things, so all feedback is welcome.

‘whatever circumstances God may place you in, always pray immediately that His atonement may be recognized and as fully understood in the lives of others as it has been in yours.’

(Oswald Chambers, June 20)