Facile Friday

July 5, 2013 — Leave a comment


My summary of this weeks internet meanderings.

1. First order of service is a thanks: For those who continue to read, visit and comment here on GVL – thank you.

2. I really liked this post over @ the Parson’s Patch…Mark posted a 40min YouTube video of Eugene Peterson discussing the dangers of adrenaline powered ministry, religious consumerism, and the difference between a study and an office. I highly recommend it.

3.  Author, theologian and Pastor, Jamie Howison posted a sermon on ‘Improvisation as an act of faithI A Jazz sermon’ – I really liked his closing statement:

‘we stand rooted in the great tradition, such that when the Spirit of God begins to burn in our midst, we are—like the One in whose image we are made—“entirely intact and unconsumed, yet absolutely on fire’ (Sermon delivered @ St.Benedicts Table, Canada 2013)

Jamie also posted links on his blog ‘God’s mind in that music’…click here to read/listen.

4. I know I link to Melinda’s blog a lot on facile Fridays, I assure you it is not without justification -My wife and I really like her theological perspective on Mental Health, and am always keen to share it. For example: I have been carrying around this quote for the past few days:

‘Don’t let the 5% that’s wrong obscure the 95% that’s right…’ (VanRy, 2013)

5.  Walter Bright has published three outstanding outlines on Worship. You can view them here….’10 Benefits to genuine worship’. All three are helpful theological reflections on what it can mean to worship in Spirit and Truth. I consider this man’s contribution to the theoblogosphere a true example of inspiration.

6. This one might seem an oddly morbid  link to post. However, in my defence I will say that my daughters are to blame. They have fine tuned me to keep an eye, and an ear out for anything to do with the late Audrey Hepburn. As a ‘lady’ who carried herself with dignity, she inspires them and I am more than happy to encourage them in this, as long as they don’t start comparing themselves with how skinny Hepburn was. Someone unconnected to me, made the statement that Audrey Hepburn was thin because she was in a concentration camp – I thought wow – really?, When it comes to research and my theological major this moves right into my line of sight. So I decided to check it out, what I discovered is that her brother was sent to a concentration camp, Audrey wasn’t. However, according to the UK Telegraph‘s obituary (1993), Hepburn did suffer malnutrition due to the food shortage in Holland during World War Two, which may explain her small disposition.

7. A friend linked this video on Facebook, it is an impromptu rendering of the Apostles creed and the Lord’s Prayer done by H. Ross Dudley…if I could repost this ten times without it annoying my already-very- patient-with-me friends on Facebook I would…enough said…time to listen 🙂

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