Three must read articles

Three articles which drew my attention away from blog writing over the past few days.

1. Leon Kass, 1997 ‘The wisdom of repugnance’ via the Catholic resource centre. This is long but worth a skim read – Jean Bethke Elshtain pointed to this article in her book ‘Who are we?’. In an agreement which reads like a lament, she writes: ‘once the barrier of repugnance is breached, anything is possible and most things become likely’ (2000:107)

2. Luftwaffe veteran Franz Stigler guided a heavily damaged Allied bomber over hostile airspace during World War Two – this type of seemingly anomalous Christ-like action during that period in history,  backs up a lot of the assessments Metaxas makes in his 2010 biography of Bonhoeffer (which I have recently finished and highly recommend). Both this article and Metaxas’ research gives further evidence that shows German compassion and honour did exist, even in the darkest of times. This article is well written and awe inspiring. Read more here..

Source:, John D Shaw’s painting A Higher Call

3. Speaking of Eric Metaxas, he recently posted a (2009?) article entitled ‘communion on the moon’ – I had heard of this prior to reading the piece last night. It appears that Metaxas has had the event confirmed by Buzz Aldrin. I had some trouble with the link earlier – so it may or may not work read more here.. (if this link does not work please try the archives at


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