Fragment of thoughts: After all…

These are not glamorous expressions,

And they are questionably worthy of their audience.

They constantly find themselves in a state of stasis, where the author finds his audience more worthy than his words.

The fluid movement of thought is wild, yet tame.

Its syntax and grammar clear, and ambiguous.

The writer’s object exists as transcendent. More than complex matter.

Yet flesh, bones, and Spirit – his subject is immanence




After grace, law. After all… gratitude, truth and light

Tame, yet wild this thought moves like liquid

Ambiguous, yet clear, its grammar and syntax are deliberate – sometimes simply innocent.

By a fragment of thoughts

The writer stands,

the writer falls,

the writer’s words may even stall.

After grace, law. After all… gratitude, truth and light.


‘Send out your light and your truth;  let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill  and to your dwelling!’- (Ps.43:3 ESV)


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