Archives For August 10, 2013

Coming from near on twelve years experience in the Australian Christian retailing industry I am always interested in new things that the Church is co-creating.

Some albums that captured our attention recently are:

1. Kim Walker-Smith and Skyler Smith’s ‘Home’

An album from a Husband and Wife team which commands attention. ‘Christ the Rock, Relentless Pursuit, Your Voice & Unstoppable Love’ has been on high rotation in our house for a few weeks now.

2. ‘Let the future begin’: (Passion 2013)

We are big on David Crowder’s ability to fuse theology and music in a powerfully unique way. Consequently we are always keen to hear his contribution to the Passion enterprise. The one song from this event that really grabs you is ‘My Beloved’ – which can be heard here. Unfortunately iTunes only has this available when you purchase the album online – I presume that this is because the deluxe CD/DVD edition, not the standard CD, is the only other way to purchase the song. Despite the absence of an audio version of ‘My Beloved’ a few high points of the standard album are Kari Jobe ‘Revelation Song’ – Chris Tomlin ‘Whom shall I fear’ & David Crowder ‘Here’s my heart’. Having said this, there is more to the album that makes a wise addition to any cruisey compilation for that Friday evening, sunny Saturday or silent Sunday afternoon.

3. Granted the Newsboys album ‘Born Again’ is a 2010 release, I’ll confess I had overlooked it in favour of ‘God’s Not Dead (2011)’ – this was primarily because I found G.N.D (the song) to be more of an inspirational guide at the time. It had helped me unpack a theme in one of my undergraduate research papers on Pneumatology (Holy Spirit). I recently picked this CD up for under $10. Born Again highlights the artistic flexibility of these musical geniuses. Press play…hit repeat…and turn it up until the kids say turn it down.