Small things make a difference

Sometimes small family outings can turn into significant ones. As I continue to observe: ‘small things make a big difference’.

My family and I took a beach walk the other day and it turned into a whale watching event and a botany class on Banksias.


Below: from the headland. In between the beach in the distance and the rock in the foreground,  the whales were moving about and waving tail fins which reflected off  the sun. A boat is near to the right of this.


So in order to mark the occasion and in a moment of inspiration, I wrote this little ditty down:

‘Noiseless existence

not silent, just finely tuned

into this moment of breathtaking brilliance.

Right. Now.

This present, its significance

 the surprise in little gasps of … WoW!!

Met with a priceless magnificence,

in this joy-filled ambiance, cherished,

my grateful heart bows.

I recollect in this reminder, permission granted

through Jesus the Christ’s persistence

Lord, be mindful of my contented-thankfulness.

For this present. Its life-giving significance,

and the priceless

magnificence in little gasps of…WoW!!

The flower in this pic. is part of the Banksia tree. These trees grow near coastal areas. However there are different varieties and these are located further inland. Banksia trees can be identified by their olive branch like leaves, yellow brush like flowers and brown cylindrical seed pods.


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