Creator God

A theologically informed prayer, (slightly adjusted) from an assessment I did a few years back.


Thank you that we can hear you.

Father, son and spirit divine, you are subject.


Mysterious, immanent yet transcendent, worthy of dependence

English: Stained glass windows at Notre-Dame, ...
English: Stained glass windows at Notre-Dame, Geneva, Switzerland. Top: God the Father; middle: Dove of Holy Spirit in trefoil; lower: Annunciation scene. Français : Vitraux de la basilique Notre-Dame, Genève, Suisse. Deutsch: Fenster in der Liebfrauenbasilika, Genf, Schweiz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be trusted because you trust

To be engaged because you engage

To be loved because you love

Creator we hear your still, small voice

King of Kings, we acknowledge your authority

receive your advice in counsel and conviction;

hear your smile in our comfort,  and  provision

Healing Creator, you are the creative imperative in our brokenness, tears and silence

Father, help us to listen

The further we remove ourselves from your existence,

The less free

The less created we are.

Because of you we are fully human and fully free

As we hear your voice, may we be restored to the, whom, you intended us to be.

Help us to hear you clearly.

Help us to express you with passionate articulation

Encouraged to response because you respond

Encouraged to relationship because you choose to exist in relation to us

Help us to draw near to this Good News, in gratitude and obedience; grace and law.

Creator Father, son and Holy Spirit divine

Infused with ultimate creativity

We create because you create,

Creating because we are created

Celebrating because we are celebrated

Holy one, we see your reflection externally and internally

Hidden yet revealed, end. of. days

You are the Christ-event, the apocalypse

A revelation that is

Not a bankrupt illusion

Nor a superstitious delusion

Thank you for your inspiration

Thank you for life.



2 thoughts on “Creator God

  1. Christadelphians says:

    How can the Father be son at the same time? It looks like you are mixing two different persons and making them in one and the same God. Theere is only One Creator God, namely the Adanai Elohim Hashem Jehovah.



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