Sacred Space

If you are looking for some devotional material to kick-start your New Year I recommend starting here:

Firstly, I am deeply indebted to a lecturer during my time of study over the past few years, for pointing out the website Sacred Space.

Sacred Space

The site is run by the Irish Jesuits and offers a daily prayer, reflection and scripture verse.

I don’t visit every day legalistically.

I do, however, engage in it from week to week when I have managed to complete the daily readings within the Moravian Texts. Of which, the 2014 version is available here on kindle. I am yet to find a devotional that brings a broad challenge to read the bible across the Old Testament and the New, like the Moravian readings do.

Besides this they were good enough for Dietrich Bonheoffer – whose recommendation should out-run mine by miles.

Finally, if you’re like me and my wife, who home-school children ranging from the very young into the teens, then a great devotion to begin the year with is Bethany Hamilton’s e-book ‘Soul Surfer: Devotions’.  I mentioned this in October within a post called: A Fragment of Gratitude.

There is a depth to Hamilton’s devotional which seems to draw from her experiences that older children and teens can relate to. Her work here tackles the difficult questions like: Where is God when? And brings up contemporary reflections on relevant challenges encountered by youth in peer groups and at home.

What Christian contemplative material have you been reading, or alternatively would like to recommend?

2 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. Rod says:

    Chambers’ devotional is a good addition. I followed this, off and on for over a decade. The initial drawcard for me was that he worked with the Australian soldiers (Anzacs), in Egypt, as a chaplain during the First World War.Great reading. Thankyou for commenting.



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