Talking About Vistas

Making a slightly divergent post away from theology for today.

The view this morning reminded me of the fishermen’s axiom. (or should that be fisherperson’s axiom?)

Pink sun, blueish purple clouds.


Very thankful for the rain.

I guess the “red sky in the morning” axiom rings loud with truth.


2 thoughts on “Talking About Vistas

  1. Mrs. C says:

    I always find myself thinking the fisherman’s axiom with every pink/purple sunrise/set. No need to be PC. The word man, up until recent history, has always referred to huMANity in general. I’ve never been offended by it and could never figure out why some women were. For all the scrambling to be “like men” one would think the term referring to every human as man would be favorable to those who value equality of the sexes.

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    1. Rod says:

      heh :), I probably should have emphasised the tongue-in-cheek aspect of my comment in brackets. I find myself applying gender inclusive language out of habit now. In college it was drummed into us that it was very poor form to not change the word “men”, which clearly meant humanity in the traditional sense, to ”men and women”. I raise questions when words like “fishermen” challenge the logic of that post-60’s literary convention.



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