Homeschooler: Reach Beyond the Before, The Hollow & The Shallow


Your tears can teach.

Don’t be ashamed of them.


Those feelings of failure do not compare with the reality of your success.

The reality of failure can never compare with the gift to overcome.


God has called you to this.

Reach beyond discouragement.


Towards the sacred, the creative, the hallowed.

Beyond the before, the hollow and the shallow.


{For my beautiful wife, who often reaches beyond the before, the hollow and the shallow.}


2 thoughts on “Homeschooler: Reach Beyond the Before, The Hollow & The Shallow

  1. Mrs. C says:

    Rod, I love this. Not just for homeschooling but these words are so very important to anyone trying to live a good, Christian family life in this chaotic world. Sometimes it seems like all our Christian striving is in vain and we want to give up. Then we realize, there is no where else to go. We need to keep finding the beauty in the ashes.

    Mrs. C


    1. Rod Lampard says:

      Thanks. It was a lot longer until I trimmed it for clarity. I hadn’t considered finding beauty in ashes as being part of this reflection. I’m glad you brought it up. I also agree, what is said here can apply in other areas of the Christian life as well.



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